Article 30 of the Regulation on Navigation in Panama Canal waters establish that all vessels arriving for transit or port calls at the terminal ports of Balboa and Cristobal shall provide the required information not less than 96 hours in advance of arrival. Timely submittal of this information is essential for appropriate assignment of resources and applicable restrictions, if necessary.

Failure to provide timely and accurate information will result in penalties (additional cost) and/ or delays in Transit Scheduling

Pre-arrival questionaire will be sent to Master to be filled and return to us, so same can be input in the Panama Canal System in a timely fashion.

Information required from the Master is as follows:

  • ETA
  • Ship Due
  • Ship Due for Small Crafts
  • Cargo Declaration
  • Crew Information
  • Passenger Information
  • Visibility Information

For Further information please access the below link and click: «Communication And Transit Activity»