According to the modifications to the minimum visibility requirements, all transiting vessels or vessels calling at port facilities in Canal waters, whether laden or ballast, shall comply with the following visibility requirements:

  • The view of the water surface from any conning position in the navigation bridge shall not be obscured by more than two ship lengths forward of the bow, or 500 meters, whichever is less, under all conditions of draft and trim.
  • If the visibility from any of the normal conning positions is obscured by cargo gear or other permanent obstructions forward of the beam, the total arc of obstructed visibility from Conning Position 1 shall not exceed 10 degrees.
  • The side hull plating at the vessel’s waterline, fore and aft, shall be visible from bridge wing conning positions.
  • Vessels of 150 feet LOA or less must have a forward visibility that allows navigation ranges and aids to navigation to be visible from all bridge conning positions.
  • Maximum Deadweight – 180,000 DWT (Approximate figure)

Vessels that do not comply with these visibility requirements due to cargo, cargo gear, structures, or any other reason, shall correct the deficiency in order to transit. If the deficiency cannot be corrected, the vessel shall inform the ACP at least 48 hours prior to arrival.

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