Any vessel may be denied passage through the Canal when the character or condition of the cargo, hull or machinery is such as to endanger Canal structures, or which might render the vessel liable to obstruct the waterway, or whose draft at any part of the vessel exceeds the maximum allowable draft as designated from time to time by the Canal Authority.
Other specific circumstances under which a vessel shall be denied transit are:

  • (1) When the vessel’s maximum point of immersion exceeds its maximum authorized draft as determined by its bilge keel radius.
  • (2) When the vessel’s maximum point of immersion exceeds the published TFW maximum draft then in effect.
  • (3) When the vessel’s mean draft exceeds the maximum allowable mean draft as provided by the most current Load Line Certificate.
  • (4) When the length overall, including bulbous bow, exceeds the length stated in Section 2.a of this Notice (950 feet (289.6 m).
  • (5) When the maximum width or extreme beam exceeds the width stated in Section 2.b of this Notice (106 feet (32.31 m) by any amount unless the vessel was approved for regular transit prior to March 10, 1981.
  • (6) When visibility from the navigation bridge of a vessel does not meet minimum requirements as stated in Section 4.d and/or when in the judgment of the Transit Operations Division Executive Manager transit would present an extreme hazard.

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