• Minimum Draft – Visibility – Drag – All vessels must meet minimum draft, visibility and drag requirements, which vary according to vessel size – complete details are available upon request.
  • Mooring Lines – All vessels are required to have on deck six manila or synthetic mooring lines forward and six aft prior to commencing transit.
  • Boarding Facilities – All vessels arriving at the Canal shall provide boarding facilities which conform with Regulation 17, Chapter V, International Convention for Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), including all current amendments, annexes and resolutions.
  • Maximum Length – 950 Feet (965 Feet Container & Passenger vessels) / (289.6 m – Containers 294.13 m)
  • Maximum Beam – 106 Feet / (32.31 m)
  • Maximum Height – 190 Feet. / (57.9 m)
  • Maximum Draft – 39 Feet 06 Inches TFW Restrictions may be placed on certain vessels / (12.04 m) due to the radius of the Bilge Keel – individual draft allowances should always be checked if transiting at maximum draft.
  • Gatun Lake Water Density – 0.9954 gms/cc at 85º F (29.4º C).
  • Bridge Wing Pilot Shelters – Vessels over 80 feet in beam require to be fitted with bridge wing pilot shelters (specs/drawing available upon request).
  • Bow Pilot Shelters – Vessels over 900 feet in length and/or 100 feet beam require to be fitted with bow pilot shelters in addition to bridge wing shelters (specs/drawing available on request).
  • MR Notice To Shipping No.1-2017 – Vessel Requirements

Contains complete details of the above and all other requirements for vessel transiting the Canal – available on line at Panama Canal Authority’s website –